5 Tips to Develop Your Essay Writing Skills

As with any other skill, the more you compose different papers, the better you will be at the task. Practice will help to make you a faster, better, and more informative author. In addition to practice makes perfect, there are other things you can do for improvement. Use our ideas to make your skills better immediately.

5 Essential Tricks To Use

Pick a great topic

The topic choice has been known to make or to break a paper. If you are not interested in your topic or you are easily bored a topic like this, it will be reflected in your piece. It is harder to direct your skills to your interests if your teacher assigns a set topic. However, if he or she does not give you the title, then always select a subject you are interested in or one that you wish to be interested in. The topic does matter.

Use a template or sample

Ask your teacher for a template or a sample piece for modeling. If your teacher cannot provide you with one, then begin to search for one. These tools can vastly improve your skills. When you locate a template or sample to use, make sure that a qualified person has created them. Then save the ones you find and put them in either a virtual or an electronic file for future use. These two tools can make a big difference.

Follow directions

It always surprises me, but when my students make mistakes, it is often because they did not read or listen to my instructions. Their paper is too short, does not have the proper amount of sources, or is even submitted late. These mistakes make me crazy because they can be avoided. Carefully listen to the teacher when he or she introduces the assignment. Then ask questions when you do not understand a part of the project. Know what the instructions say and follow the instructions carefully.

Make a super outline

The prewriting stages are the most important steps with a composition. Using an outline is a must. If you are not sure how to make one, find a template online or ask your instructor. The outline process helps you to line up the plan for the piece. You have to make it as detailed as possible. It should be so good that you can write a complete paper from it and it alone. There are two types you can use, the sentence outline and the topic outline. You can use either, so find the one that you like better and stick with it. Always ask if the teacher wants the outline submitted.

Always proof and edit carefully

Paper that has great content but many mistakes, is a bad paper. This is unfortunate, but true. The piece must be error free. You have to proof the rough draft and the final draft both. Some people have trouble with composing the piece. If you know that you do then it only makes sense to proof more carefully. However, some people are also very bad at the proofing process. I always tell these people to find someone to do the proofing for them. It could be a friend, family member, or a professional. It would not be expensive to hire professional help and it is worth the price. You could hire a tutor, freelance writer, or actually use a professional company. Ask your fiends whom they use, so you can get some ideas on who you wish to employ for this important job.

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