Free Advice On Where To Search For An Essay Introduction Example

The first thing that you need to write in an essay might be the hardest. Well composed introduction can be tricky. You might know what you want to say, but you are not sure how to start. You might feel the pressure, because the truth is simple- if the first thing someone reads isn’t interesting, chances are slim he is going to continue reading.

Best thing you can do is search for an essay introduction example. That extra effort can help you find some inspiration, or just make you think a little bit out of the box. Here is some great free advice on where to search for an essay introduction examples.


Take ten or twenty essays on any given subject, and just read their introduction. Choose the papers that are not very appealing to you. If you want to read them after the first paragraph, then it is a great example how your essay introduction should look. Try to analyze why you wanted to read the paper with the good introduction, and try to incorporate the same methods into your essay.

Ask a friend

Thinking outside the box means sometimes asking somebody that doesn’t know anything about the subject you are writing about. Tell them what you are trying to say, and ask them how they would start their paper. You would be surprised, but people that are close to you can give you great view on the matter ``from the other side``.

Search the web

Start with searching for all the different methods that are used for creating an interesting essay introduction. Often, when you read about different techniques for capturing audience attention, you can be lucky enough to find some inspiring examples. Interesting quotes will make you remember anecdotes that you can use for your essay introduction. Reading inspirational quotes can also help. When reading them, think how you can make a parallel with what you are writing about in your essay.

Try a forum

You can search the web for content, but also for opinion. Asking a group of people that are maybe also interested in the subject of you essay can be very rewarding. You can post you introduction, and ask for opinion. Or you can just ask people to give you some examples. You will probably hear some great ideas, but also some great free advice on how to write the best essay introduction.

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