A Quick Guide On How To Find A Persuasive Essay Example In The MLA Format

Finding a persuasive essay in MLA format does not have to be difficult. From online options to asking the teacher, students have many choices that they can choose from. To get started, students should use the following tips.

Why Should Students Get Examples?

Before a novelist writes their first novel, they have read through thousands of other books. Students are required to write papers in class, but few students have actually read through persuasive writing in the past. By finding examples, students can learn the type of writing and formatting that will be expected. Beyond academic writing, persuasive articles can be found in the opinion section of the newspaper. This common writing style is incredibly popular online, so students can always find examples when they need them.

Visit During Office Hours

Over the years, the professor or teacher has helped hundreds or thousands of students complete their writing assignments. Many professors will keep the best examples from past years in their offices. To get help, students just need to visit their teacher during office hours and ask for an example. Since the professor's example is from their class, it will show the student exactly what they need to do to achieve a top score.

Check Writing Websites

There are a number of websites that refer exclusively to academic writing. On any of these websites, students will be able to find top samples from various different academic fields and writing styles. Students should take time to find a sample that is in their specific subject area. They will also want to make sure that the example essay is suitable to their current grade level. Once the example has been found, the student can begin using it to guide their writing process.

Look at the University Website

Many top colleges will list some of their best writing samples online. While these are typically found on the English department's website, the samples may also be published on other academic Web pages. Students can start by looking at their university's website. If their college does not offer samples, they can always access another university's website to find samples.

With a sample, the student can figure out the best techniques for formatting their writing and building an argument. They can learn what is expected from academic writing and can find topic ideas. Once the student has figured out what they need to do, they can immediately begin working on their MLA project.

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