Composing An Introduction For An Essay About Playing Soccer

Writing an essay on soccer might not be as simple as playing the beautiful game. If you are all set to write an article on soccer, you need to add an introduction to the article for a nice head start. If you are clueless about how to compose an introduction, here are some tips that might come in your use.

Start with an attention-grabbing sentence

You need to capture the attention of the readers in the very first sentence. How you will grab their attention is all up to you. However, if you are not sure what kind of sentence would be most attention-grabbing, here are some suggestions for you.

  • Start your introduction with some amazing fact on soccer, soccer teams or players or even soccer fans. You may elaborate it in one or two sentences.
  • Give an anecdote. An anecdote is a short story, mostly a real life event. Using an anecdote is a great way to start the introduction.
  • You can also summarise the gist of the article in just one to three sentences to start the introduction.

Bridge the gap between the attention grabbing sentence and thesis statement

You need to elaborate the central idea in the introduction part only. Therefore, after grabbing the attention of the reader, your job is to flesh out the central idea. Remember, your introduction should precede your thesis statement. Therefore, you need to expand upon the central idea to bridge the gap between the first attention-grabber sentence and the thesis statement.

The statement

The introduction should end with a thesis statement. In this part, you need to state why you chose to work on this topic in particular and how the central idea pertains to the opening sentence. Do not use vague words such as ‘good’ or ‘great’. You need to connect to a much larger issue if you feel that the reader might not be interested in reading the rest. For examples, if you are writing an essay on soccer and subaltern culture, you need to give a short introduction to the bigger socio-economic aspects of soccer.

Prepare a draft and edit it

You need to first write a draft which you need to edit later. The best way to create a captivating introduction to a college article is to leave the first draft as it is and edit it when the whole article is done. This will help you in organizing your thoughts in a better way.

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