Four Little-Known Methods To Come Up With Great Essay Topic Ideas

So you have been given an essay assignment, and now you need to come up with a great topic for your essay. You want something that is original and unique. Here are some methods you may not have considered for finding a topic for your paper:


Get a large piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and write in the centre of the paper the subject your paper is for. It may English, or Sociology for example. Then around this subject, write any ideas that come into your mind. No matter how crazy it might sound at the time, write it anyway. You will be surprised by what comes out of this fun and practical exercise.

Go for a walk

This may sound strange, but you will be amazed at the ideas that come into your head when you are out walking. It might be a walk along the beach, or to the local store or just around the block. No music and headphones, or talking on your mobile phone, just your own thoughts! There may be a sight, a sound or a smell that triggers your imagination. You might meet someone along the way and strike up a conversation. You might observe other people, animals, vehicles, vegetation, or any number of things that trigger an idea.


Most people enjoy listening to music. Even if you don’t often listen to music, try to switch the radio on and listen to the latest music, or go through your CD collection and play some of them. You may be surprised at the number of ideas that come into your head just from listening to a few songs. The song may be about a relationship or a place, or it may be a political statement. This may prompt a general idea, or it may give you a particular angle to make your paper unique.

Religious texts

A scan of a religious text or book, for example, the Bible, can prompt some great ideas. It may be a particular character, or a story about an event, or even a parable or piece of advice. Of course, you can’t copy word for word, but you could paraphrase, and you don’t need to worry about copyright!

These are only four very different methods, but you may be surprised by the essay ideas that you find.

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