Drug Addiction

Several people may not understand how and why people get addicted to drugs. Most people assume that most of the drug users do so because they lack morals. They are assumed to lack the willpower to stop depending on and sing drugs. Others also assume that they cannot control their behavior just because they have made a choice not to. However, this is usually not the case. Drug addiction may be more complex and is a disease. Quitting the habit may take more than the good intentions to change for the better. In fact, drug use changes the mind in that it makes it difficult to quit. This is usually the case even for persons who are ready and also willing to quit or stop the habit. Fortunately, while drug addiction is a dangerous and serious condition and disease, it is treatable to assist persons have better and more productive lives and avoid abuse.

What is it?

Drug addiction can be described as chronic. Often, the condition causes relapses in the brain, resulting in compulsive drug seeking as well as use. This continues despite the harmful consequences of drug addiction to the user, friends, family and even workmates. Most of the times, the initial decision to use drugs is usually voluntary. However in rare cases, some are coerced into doing it. In both cases, there are several changes that may occur in the brain, and therefore affecting an individual’s ability to adjust or control his or her drug taking habits. Treatments may however work and reverse harmful habits.

Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction

The habit of abusing drugs can develop very easily in a person. Unfortunately, one may not even notice or realize that it is actually happening. The negative consequences attributed to the vice, however, are numerous. To start with, it is associated with ill health. Another result is the reduction in the productivity levels especially in societies where the majority of the youths are drug abusers and addicts. Besides, drug addiction and abuse have led to degradation of morals where most abusers are involved in crimes and other dangerous activities including drug trafficking, violence and even worse, rape. There are just the obvious effects of drug addiction. Not to mention, the issue is also a major cause of loss of employment among individuals who previously were employed. At the same time, family and social disintegration and death are also major effects. Furthermore, it is a cause of poor performance in learning institutions as well as domestic violence.

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