Product Placement

Product placement refers to the collaboration of marketers and companies of entertainment products to promote them among the consumer segments through various mediums. It’s to expose a product or service to billions of customers through broadcasting. It is considered to be an innovative and strong communication strategy that allows organizations to communicate with their customers. The goal of this paper is to discuss the concept and significance of product placement in the lights of broad and diverse academic resources.

It is the type of promotional strategy used to promote the product without revealing its intention to the audience. The idea behind the use of product placement is to attract customers by ensuring that the product is endorsed by famous celebrities in movies and television shows. In this way, the target audience would feel connected to the product more personally. Product placement is defined as the art of positioning brands through famous celebrities and movie stars through movies, mediated news, entertainment programs, computer games, movies and television shows. It is the practice used by firms to promote branded products through mass media programming.

The introduction of product placement led to the development and promotion of brand communication. Targeted consumers feel a strong connection with the promoted product or service and therefore, connect with the brand since it is being used by famous artists of the entertainment industry. Another important impact of product placement is that it helps in increasing product awareness and brand image and influences customer perception. Thus, product placement helps in ensuring that the consumers are connected with the product through brand communication and that their perception regarding it is increased. Brand communication acts as an agent that fills the gap between brand image and consumer perception. Its purposes also include exposing the brand, increasing brand awareness, influencing consumer perception, changing consumer attitudes, influencing the purchase intention and creating an emotional bond between the consumers and the brand.

The concept of product placement in marketing is considered to be important since it aims at reaching the target audience without disclosing its agenda. Companies use it to communicate with the consumers by ensuring that they are connected to the brand emotionally and personally. Famous movie stars, celebrities and television personalities are selected to endorse the product through entertainment programs, mediated news and movies. This can help in creating a strong connection between the consumers and the brand image.

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