Composing A Short Descriptive Essay About A Place: Useful Directions

Many times, visitors ask you about how your resident is and what the places to visit there are. It is interesting how different people ask about different standpoints; only then do you realize that describing a place can be so multi-layered.

Therefore, when it comes to descriptive essays about places, you need to let go and cover the various angles from which a place should be analyzed. Here is a short-script –

  • The cross-section and navigability – You should find and mention the cross-section of the place; its length and width. You should also enlighten readers about the transport system and endeavor to make quality spots more accessible.
  • Defining spaces to visit – You should utilize zinc and mercury to describe the spaces to visit in a city or place. Your descriptions will no doubt be derived from data, but make sure that you add a special touch to each descriptions.
  • The local flavor – You should also share the eateries and restaurants of the city; for the benefit of the thin tongues. Likewise, you should make a worthy mention of the relaxing spaces, which may not have merit from a visiting point of view but offer great respite to tired travelers.
  • The localities – You should reserve some lines about the people who reside in the place; phrasing their usual likes and tastes. Every place has a distinct flavor that is influenced by weather conditions; water; food and dialect.
  • Accessibility factor – You should mention the easiest way to reach the place, if the place is remote or does not hold an airport. This lends a personal touch to the write-up.
  • Futuristic spaces – You should fall in line with the modern tastes; mentioning areas in which the place relates to futuristic sensibilities. You should give a clever reference to the industries and enterprises that decorate the place.
  • The weather conditions – Your piece would be incomplete without a mention of the state of the place; clean, dirty or so-so. You should also give details of the prevailing climates in different times of the year.
  • The economy – You should be clear about the financial demand of the place. There are places that are naturally opulent and thus expensive and there are places which can be traveled in even on a shoe-strung budget. Clarity is the name of the game.

It goes without saying that you should do enough research before writing the essay, even if you write about your resident city.

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