How To Write An Essay About Yourself: 7 Helpful Guidelines

Writing an essay about other people, events or situations in life is quite easy than when faced with a challenge to write about yourself. Writing an essay about you becomes quite a task because people end up seeing themselves as other people thus they describe someone else. This is just one of the challenges that may face you under such a circumstance. When required to write about yourself, consider the following.

  1. Begin by saying who you are
  2. It might seem unnecessary to write your name since you feel the name is already at the top of the paper. Actually indicating your name is very important so that you describe someone who is already known to the reader. Answer some questions including your background, your interests in life and the challenges you have faced in life. It will be wise to indicate your talents including strengths and weaknesses that are a part of you.

  3. Do not blow your own trumpet
  4. While writing about your achievements in life, one needs to be careful that they do not boast too much because it becomes a bother to the reader. Actually it makes th reader feel that you are trying ti=o prove to be better than him or her. While writing whatever you feel you have achieved use words that will only make them appear like stepping stones in life and not a thing to intimidate others.

  5. Employ descriptive language
  6. Writing about yourself is all about describing who you are. This requires you to have a number of adjectives that fit the context. You can consult your dictionary for adjectives that describe human behavior and apply them in your writing. Ensure that vocabularies are not too many or not easily understood. Do not give the reader a task of consulting the dictionary every time they come across a word they do not comprehend in your essay.

  7. Be positive about yourself
  8. When writing about yourself, create an impression to the reader that you are good person. At least everyone in life has done something that is good and this is the time you need to talk about that. Remember when writing about yourself, this is not the avenue to make confession of all the bad things you feel you have done. Have a positive attitude towards yourself.

  9. Be genuine
  10. Avoid exaggerated information about yourself and achievements which you do not actually posses. The reader might be having a clue of who you are thus untruthful information makes them lose their trust in you.

  11. Avoid mentioning other people
  12. Remember the essay is about you, so involving other characters will make you go out of topic. It is good to make sure that you remain the subject of discussion in the essay.

  13. Have good linguistic ability
  14. Essays are all about language. The more polished your language is the better you communicate to the reader. Make sure there are no grammatical errors in your writing and also unnecessary vocabularies.

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