Expert Suggestions On How To Write An Expository Essay

An expository essay is a serious piece of writing which investigates a certain idea or a topic of choice or one that is assigned. The purpose of such a paper is to explain the idea, discuss it and present a strong argument for or against it. Here are some suggestions that might help you write it better:

Prepare for the writing

  • It is not advisable to simply plunge into writing the paper without prior preparation
  • The first step is to write down all the points that you think you should bring up in your paper
  • A good way to get started is by answering the questions ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’ and ‘Why’
  • Once you have the answers to these questions, you have a basic outline for the essay that might it easier for you to construct your writing later on
  • You should also conduct preliminary research on the subject so that you get more ideas to talk about and base your argument on
  • In fact, you could also start by listing out relevant words and phrases that you would like to include, instead of writing out full sentences. Later on, you can group similar phrases and words together into a few ideas that you can flesh out during the writing process

Framing your expository essay

  • The introduction of the paper should be interesting and should begin talking about the idea immediately. This is not the kind of writing which requires you to use flowery language or reach the main idea of the paper in a long winded way. Make sure that you name the person, theory, place, and event or object that you are discussing in the introduction itself. The point here is to be specific.
  • At the end of the introduction, you should write a strong thesis statement. This should convey the argument you have regarding the idea that you are writing about.
  • The body of this kind of a paper typically has three paragraphs, but you can add more if you think it is required and if the word limit is high. These body paragraphs should include all the relevant points that you had initially written down - in the form of an argument to support the purpose of writing this paper. It is ideal to write each paragraph centered around one theme point for the sake of clarity and logic.
  • The last paragraph should be the conclusion that brings together all the main points of your argument and should point out how you've used these points to prove your main theory regarding the idea.

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