A Hassle-Free Strategy To Create An Essay On Literature

Essays are a normal way of life for most students once they get into high school and definitely once they reach college. By the time you get to college, you will be doing essays daily and you need to have a process in place to make it easier. If you use the same process to complete these essays they will get easier and easier to complete. Here is a hassle-free strategy to create an essay on literature.

  • The first thing you need to do when creating an essay on literature is to read the literature you are writing about. While you are reading it make sure you take notes on the things that are important. While you are reading the piece you should also try to decide on what you want your topic sentence to be. What part of the piece created some kind of emotion within you? This may be something that you want to write about. Once you have finished reading hopefully you have decided on a topic.
  • Once you have a topic and you have read the literature, do some more research on the topic. Check with at least 3 sources that discuss the literature and take great notes. Make sure you keep the notes organized so you can refer to them later.
  • Once you have taken your notes, create an outline that includes your introduction and all of your main points. Decide what order you are going to submit your main points within your outline. Make sure the order you are writing your outline makes your essay flow well.
  • Once you have finished with your outline, create your rough draft. Include everything in your outline and use it like a map. Keep the order that you have in your outline and complete your essay. Ask someone you respect to read over your rough draft and offer some suggestions on how to make it better. Make sure you also edit the draft for grammar and spelling errors.
  • Finally create your final draft. Make sure you make it look professional and make sure it is free of wrinkles and stains. Remember that if it looks professional, the impression you give your teacher will be a professional one. Your first impression of your paper to your professor must be one that is good. That way your teacher will expect the paper to be good as well.

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